“The Baptism Is Long But The Song Is Everlasting” by Rob MacWolf (part 2 of 2)

Shen has found his place, happy enough aboard the Irene's Goodnight. But the past follows, and the making of a riverman is not yet complete.

Today’s story is the second and final part of “The Baptism Is Long But The Song Is Everlasting” by Rob MacWolf, who has decided that all his stories having the same theme is a good thing, and you can find more of his stories and poetry at rob-macwolf.sofurry.com. Today’s story will be read for you by the author himself.

Last time, Tiberius, taking the name Shen, determined to make himself a riverman and prove that his past, and all the lawmen in it, have no claim on the new version of him. But he is torn between Aitkin, the shipmate who loves him, and Captain Fitzulmo, who he loves. And the past may not be so far behind as he believes...

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